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Zar Ultra Max Stain (1 qt.)

Zar Ultra Max Stain (1 qt.)

$14.98 Regular Price
$7.49Sale Price
  • ULTRA ZAR PLUS polyurethane color varnish is based on Zar Ultra Interior varnish with the addition of ZAR Wood Stain Oil Based stain. Manufacturer: UNITED GILSONITE LABORATORIES (UGL) USA
  • ZAR® Ultra Max Oil-Modified Waterborne Polyurethane, Satin

    Dual-drying technology provides an ultra-hard cure for superior abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion, even on exotics.



    • ZAR Interior ULTRA MAX wood stain applies easily and penetrates evenly for rich, uniform color. Core/shell drying technology provides the deep tones of an oil-based stain with the low odor, fast drying and easy cleanup of a water-based stain. In addition, the advanced green phase resin dispersion technology utilizes environmentally friendly resins that result in a VOC compliant product. ZAR ULTRA MAX wood stain can be top coated with any formula of premium quality ZAR® polyurethane for lasting beauty and protection.


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