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Space Lion Acrylic Glass 5PC Canvas Wall Art

Space Lion Acrylic Glass 5PC Canvas Wall Art



Space Lion Acrylic Glass 5PC Canvas Wall Art


Color: Black, Brown, Gold


  • SIZE: Approx. 39.4" x 19.7" / 100x50 cm - 5 pcs. (20x30 20x40 20x50 20x40 20x30 cm / 7.9”x11.8” 7.9”x15.7” 7.9”x19.7” 7.9”x15.7” 7.9”x11.8” - image printed on 3 mm thick acrylic glass.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Hangers allow you to put the picture on any desired wall or a flat surface. Metal hooks and pads are attached to the back of the picture so that there's enough space between the item and the surface - it creates an additional 3D impression.
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Acrylic glass, unlike traditional glass, is very durable and flexible - it lasts for a very long time.
  • IT LETS LIGHT THROUGH: Thanks to the fact that acrylic glass prints let light through easily, the pictures have an interesting shine and keep the colors intense and bright.
  • BREAK-RESISTANT: Acrylic glass does not break that easy, which makes it safe for children.
  • MIRROR LIKE SMOOTH SURFACE: The surface of an acrylic glass picture is as smooth as glass and it's also scratch-resistant.
  • DECORATION: Catches the eye! Perfect for all modern graphic & photographic designs. Makes every wall look better. Glossy glass like effect.
  • EUROPEAN QUALITY: The products are made in our own manufacturing facility from beginning to end

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Acrylic glass print is a very interesting alternative to traditional pieces of decoration. It's also a perfect addition to almost all types of interior designs. Hangers and pads placed on the back side allow you to hang the picture without any difficulties.

When the picture is already on the wall, there's space between the item and the surface, so it creates an additional 3D impression. Modern print techniques and high quality inks will catch every eye.

The surface of the picture is humidity-resistant, so it's also easy to clean. If the picture consists of more than 1 part, please make sure there is 2-3 cm distance between the panels so that the pattern matches up well. All our products belong to the Artgeist.

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