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M984-7100 Fill-One Aerosol Filling System

M984-7100 Fill-One Aerosol Filling System

$2,540.62 Regular Price
$1,940.00Sale Price


Product Overview

High-quality aerosols offer real convenience that lends itself to time and cost-savings benefits for professional repairers.

The Fill-One Aerosol Filling System is a single fill aerosol system designed to save time, money and effort and the unit is powered by compressed air. It uses a patented filling cap that eliminates clean up. The compact design makes it easy to install on a counter, moveable stand or wall. Aerosolizes products in less than 5 seconds. Inject the stain or coating into a pre-charged aerosol can using a manual crank. The stain or coating you inject is permanently sealed into the cap, serving as a color indicator. No compressor is required. Includes mounting plate. 


Please allow 1-2 Weeks for delivery.

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