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M370-0000 Blendal Powder Stains (1 oz. jar)

M370-0000 Blendal Powder Stains (1 oz. jar)

$15.68 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

Mohawk Blendal Powder Stain

Extra fine ground touch-up pigment colors used for spot color replacement on all types of furniture, cabinets, plastics, leather, vinyl and in hundreds of other finishing applications. Best results are obtained when applied with padding finish. Compatible with various other padding agents, French Polish, lacquer, shellac, varnish, synthetic finishes and Graining Liquid. Can be applied by brush.
This Mohawk line of dry ground pigment colors can be used to tint many different clear coatings i.e. padding finishes, clear lacquers, shellac, varnishes, water coatings, waxes, etc. This versatile property makes it suitable for almost any repair especially padding lacquer repairs.
Compatible with many finishes
Easy to use
Pre color matched
Very lightfast


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