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At Moffitt-Smith, our primary occupation is fine furniture restoration. Below is an updated gallery of examples of our work. Each links to the story behind the project. What can we do for you? Contact us at or 717-766-4112 or 1-800-322-9442 to find out! 

We also have a full range of Mohawk Furniture Restoration supplies--including some new Professional Kits! And our partner Handlebar Hank will point you in the direction of our Made in the USA selection.  To keep shipping* costs under control, we're offering any size order for just $9.98 in Pennsylvania (our home base) and a bit more in other states, but never beyond the initial base rate.  

*Please note: Selected chemicals will be marked as "unable to ship" because of shipping regulations, and must be picked up at our store in Mechanicsburg, PA. 

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